Artificial intelligence helps Wrocław students research digital media

fot. P.Dziurman/REPORTER

Students from the Artificial Intelligence course at Wrocław University of Science and Technology presented the projects they carried out in their media analysis classes. Among other things, the students searched for answers to questions such as what the music we listen to says about our personality and how to eat something good in Wrocław based on hundreds of thousands of restaurant reviews. 

The students also investigated the impact of a video’s mini-movie on its popularity on YouTube. They analysed data from more than 500,000 videos, which consisted of static images and metadata. After filtering and matching, they obtained around 30,000 results for further analysis. Ultimately, they found that the appearance of certain elements in a thumbnail of, for example, a dog, could have a positive impact on its popularity, as opposed to, for example, a book.

As part of the activity, the teams also prepared scientific posters outlining the purpose of the research, the methods used and the results obtained. They can be seen in the Student Culture Zone until mid-February and will then be moved to Technopolis.

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