Białowieża to host National academic conference “Women – culture – law – public life”


The Association Institute for Women’s Studies and the Faculty of History and International Relations of the University of Białystok are organising a national scientific conference “Women – culture – law – public life” on 20 September 2023 in Białowieża.

As highlighted by the organisers, the main objective of the initiative is to disseminate and promote the results of scientific research on the presence of women in broadly understood culture, the influence of women on the shape of law in the past and today, as well as the role and place of women in public life. 

The conference also aims to provide a forum for discussion and presentation of research and scientific achievements on the subject of women in culture, law, society, the media or public life. The conference will also provide an opportunity to scientifically analyse the influence of women on shaping the destiny of the country and the world, local and global societies, their rules (legislation) and public life in general.