Bialystok University of Technology specialists recreate Soviet armoured car

Dariusz Piekut PB

Specialists from the Bialystok University of Technology (PB), under the guidance of Piotr Karczewski from the Army Museum in Bialystok, are restoring the original condition of a Soviet FAI-M armoured car. This is another example of cooperation between the largest technical university in north-eastern Poland and museum professionals from the region.

“Under an agreement with the Army Museum in Bialystok, the Bialystok University of Technology has taken on another challenge. After the LIM-5 jet aircraft, which we recently restored, we have gained experience in working with relics of military technology, said Dr Jarosław Szusta, Prof. PB, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at the PB. 

The FAI-M armoured car was found on Polish territory as a result of the Soviet aggression of 17 September 1939.

PB specialists have begun the first stage of restoration. Currently, they are completing small parts that were missing or damaged or were not usable. The aim is to restore the entire vehicle’s shape. In subsequent stages, the doors and all service flaps will be reconstructed. The final stage is to get the original chassis. 

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