Committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences to hold a seminar Regenerative Agriculture

Wojciech Strozyk/REPORTER

Regenerative agriculture can be a response to negative changes in the natural environment and greenhouse gas emissions. It combines production with the protection and restoration of ecosystems. Scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences will discuss the opportunities and possibilities of such an approach on May 25, 2022 during the seminar “Regenerative agriculture” organized by the Committee of Agronomic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Committee of Animal Science and Aquaculture of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Committee of Veterinary Sciences and Biology of Reproduction of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The world’s food system is based on agriculture. However, intensive cultivation not only led to deforestation and land conversion, but also contributed to water and air pollution. As much as 30% of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere originates from agriculture. The answer to this problem is regenerative agriculture, i.e. cultivation that protects and rebuilds agricultural land and the surrounding ecosystems.

During the first session of the seminar, participants will listen to speakers’ lectures and learn what exactly regenerative farming is. A panel discussion with the participation of experts is planned for the second session.