Copernicus Science Centre to launch a new exhibition “Oh maths!”


“Oh maths!” is a new mobile exhibition entirely designed and produced by the team at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw with primary school students in mind. 

The exhibition consists of 22 interactive exhibits that show what a fascinating adventure mathematics is, and encourage further self-discovery. They naturally make us reflect on where we can find mathematics in the world around us.

The exhibits that make up “Oh maths!” are divided into three thematic groups: applied mathematics, foundations of mathematics and recreational mathematics. For example, pupils can use them to become more aware of what an algorithm is and how the most well-known search engines work based on algorithms. The exhibits are also characterised by diversity – some require concentration and can only be used by one person, while others can be experimented with by two or more people.

In February 2023, the “Oh maths!” exhibition will embark on a tour of Poland, visiting Polish schools as part of the Science for You programme.