University of Silesia and the city of Sosnowiec to present “Alphabet of the school-leaver”

Dominik Gajda/REPORTER

The University of Silesia, in cooperation with the city of Sosnowiec, will implement the project ” Alphabet of the school-leaver”. As part of the project, a package of professional courses will be prepared for secondary school graduates. A series of intensive classes will start in February.

“‘Alphabet of the school-leaver’ is an innovative project aimed at secondary school graduates from Sosnowiec. The aim is to raise the results of the baccalaureate examinations, but also to enable ambitious students to get into their dream majors. This will also relieve parents of the financial burden of additional costs incurred for tutoring.

The University of Silesia has proposed four forms of courses. The first will start in February and will be a three-month course organised once a week, lasting 2.5 hours. Nearly 300 high school graduates will be able to participate. Another form is weekend classes for 200 participants. Both types of courses will take place at the Vocational and Continuing Education Centre.

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