Diploma thesis of a graduate of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology receives a prestigious distinction

Bartlomiej Magierowski/East News

The thesis of Kamil Przeniosło, a graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science and Telecommunications at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, was awarded a distinction in the nationwide Young Masters 2022 Competition. The competition was held as part of the Young Masters Forum session ‘Economic aspects of state informatisation, digital modernisation of Poland.

Kamil Przeniosło’s master’s thesis ‘Comparison of Java and Kotlin languages with regard to selected qualitative characteristics’ focused on determining whether the Kotlin language and its ecosystem are mature enough to replace Java as the leading language for server-side projects.

The Kotlin language is used in nearly 88 % of the 500 most popular mobile applications in the US. However, the trend has still not reached the computer platform.

‘In my opinion, it is wrong. Hence the idea for a paper that would help convince decision-makers of the technology used in the projects in which they are involved about Kotlin’, says the winner.

Read more: https://pwr.edu.pl/uczelnia/aktualnosci/praca-dyplomowa-absolwenta-w4-z-prestizowym-wyroznieniem-12748.html

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