Exhibition “3D digitisation of Polish sacred heritage in the USA”

Biblioteka Politechniki Lubelskiej

The opening of the exhibition “3D digitisation of Polish sacred heritage in the USA” will take place on 27 January 2023 at the Gallery of the Scientific and Technical Information Centre of Lublin University of Technology. 

The photographic exhibition is a collective work of the participants of the first scientific expedition of the ECCC (European Certificate of Digital Competence) Foundation to the USA, which took place from 9-22 October 2022. 

The expedition was carried out as part of the project entitled ‘Research on the national cultural heritage of the Polish community in the USA and the creation of digital memory collections’ and was funded by the Science for Society programme of the Ministry of Education and Science. The expedition worked in the cities where Poles had settled since the late 19th century, Chicago and Milwaukee.

During the expedition, the team scanned six church buildings that had been funded by contributions from Poles living there. The three-dimensional appearance of these buildings (interior and exterior) was captured using a state-of-the-art FARO Fokus terrestrial laser scanner and photogrammetry, as well as selected small architectural details and reliquaries.