First ERC Starting Grant for a scientist from the Warsaw University of Technology

Politechnika Warszawska

Dr Eng. Maciej Trusiak, Prof. of Warsaw University of Technology (PW) is the first scientist from this university to receive an ERC Starting Grant, awarded by the European Research Council.

‘This is a huge success for our scientist, which means not only prestige, but also tangible financial benefits, enabling him to focus on his project, team and new discoveries’, said Prof. Mariusz Malinowski, PW Vice-Chancellor for Science.

Prof. Trusiak’s project Lensless label-free nanoscopy concerns the use of lensless holographic microscopy and deep ultraviolet radiation in high-throughput imaging of living cells.

‘If all goes well, it will be possible to image in as wide a field as we would get by combining fields from more than 12,000 phase microscopes currently on the market’, explains Prof. Maciej Trusiak, adding that in terms of information throughput, which is currently counted in megapixels, he will be aiming for a level of tens of gigapixels.


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