First Polish university to measure its carbon footprint

Martin Poole / Mood Board / Rex Features

The Kozminski University (ALK) in Warsaw will be the first university in Poland to measure the carbon footprint of the university and each course of study. For this, ALK will use tools from TerGo, a company whose mission is to protect the planet and humanity as a whole. 

ALK emphasises that it has been implementing environmentally friendly solutions for a long time, subordinating them to its sustainability goals. The university has reduced energy consumption through thermo-modernisation and photovoltaics, segregates rubbish, reduces the use of paper and plastic, and has finally set up an urban apiary. 

It now intends to find out how much CO2 is produced by teaching and other activities at the university and how their negative impact on the environment can be reduced by obtaining so-called carbon credits in return. They could be converted, for example, into tree planting on wasteland.

Being an academic unit, the Kozminski University is committed not only to reducing CO2 emissions, but also to influencing the attitudes of students and all stakeholders. Under TerGo solutions, each student can obtain a calculation of his or her own carbon footprint associated with the degree.

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