Gdynia Maritime University wins the Polish Intelligent Development Award for the fourth time

Uniwersytet Morski w Gdyni

The Gdynia Maritime University has been awarded the Polish Intelligent Development Award for the fourth time. In this year’s 7th competition, the university was honored in the category of “Innovative digitization and data sharing”, for the project “Providing access to scientific and historical collections of Polish maritime education heritage”.

The Polish Intelligent Development Award is an image distinction, it refers to the approach of a given person or organization to the development and popularization of its activity also outside its own economic sector, field of science or region in which the nominee operates, in order to increase the chances for the development of projects.

Since 2016, the laureates of the award include people and organizations that implement innovative projects, development investments or conduct innovative activities that result in the introduction of technological or social innovations to the market, translating into intelligent development.

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