Gdynia Naval Academy to cooperate with Arka Gdynia S.A. club

Akademia Marynarki Wojennej w Gdyni

The Naval Academy in Gdynia will collaborate with the Arka Gdynia sports club. The cooperation agreement was signed by the rector-commander of the academy, Rear Admiral Prof. Tomasz Szubrycht and the club’s president, Michał Kołakowski.

The aim of the agreement is to cooperate and develop contacts in the fields of promotion, sport, science and training. The cooperation will include both joint initiatives and separate activities for each party, including promotion in the local, regional, national and international environment. The partners also promise to organise conferences, training and sporting events, including sparring and occasional matches involving the football teams.

In addition, the club declares training cooperation in the field of organisation and security of mass events and crisis management at mass events, including volunteering, free apprenticeships in the areas of security, human capital management.

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