Innovative bone cements developed at the Gdansk University of Technology

fot. Bartosz Bańka Politechnika Gdańska

A team of scientists and students at the Gdansk University of Technology (PG) is developing injectable bone cements that are more effective and actively promote tissue reconstruction. The inventions, which are expected to find wide application in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, have already been filed for patent protection. Now, researchers are working on further improvements to the resulting cements for innovation.

Polymeric and ceramic cements are currently used in medicine. The former are not bioactive and therefore do not form a stable bio-connection with bone tissue and do not promote regeneration, while the latter have poor mechanical properties and are difficult to apply. 

“Our cements are distinguished by their improved application properties and reduced friability, so they have significant potential for bone reconstruction. Applied in minimally invasive surgical procedures, they should meet the demands of modern medicine”, says research leader Dr Eng. Marcin Wekwejt, from the PG Department of Biomaterials Technology. 

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