Innovative corrosion sensor system from the Gdansk University of Technology receives an iENA fair medal

Politechnika Gdańska

A probe for measuring corrosion rates, developed by a team of scientists at the Gdansk University of Technology in collaboration with PKN ORLEN, has won a silver medal at the iENA international fair in Nuremberg.

The innovative integrated dual corrosion sensor system enables simultaneous monitoring of the uniform corrosion rate and hydrogenation of steel in real time. The solution is based on a resistometric technique that is used to monitor the corrosion rate of metals/alloys in various environments, including the oil&gas sector. 

Thanks to the invention, plant operators are able to control and immediately respond to the ongoing threat of increased corrosion through appropriate corrective actions, such as adjusting process parameters or increasing doses of anti-corrosive agents.

A total of 500 participants from 35 countries attended the iENA ‘Ideas – Inventions – New Products’, which showcases innovative solutions from a wide range of scientific disciplines.  

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