International Scientific Conference “Health and Lifestyles – Wrocław 2021”


The Institute of Economic Sciences of the University of Wrocław is inviting participants to the International Scientific Conference “Health and Lifestyles – Wrocław 2021”. The aim of the conference, which will be held on-line from 20 to 21 May, is to present research results and exchange views on the economic, social and health effects of the pandemic in the modern world.

The subject of the considerations will be the impact of changes taking place on the labor market, limitations in the functioning of institutions essential for religious life, culture, entertainment and sports, and changes in eating habits on health and lifestyle.

The organizers are planning to present the results of research on the economic and social consequences of disrupting the health care and education systems. They also want to present the statistics of the Central Statistical Office related to COVID-19 and talk about the methods and quality of statistical surveys, including on the example of the implementation of censuses during a pandemic.