Kalisz Academy adopted the University’s Declaration of Social Responsibility

Akademia Kaliska

Rector of the Kalisz Academy, Prof. Andrzej Wojtyła< signed the University’s Declaration of Social Responsibility. Thus, the academy in Kalisz is among over 160 Polish universities and academies that have adopted the declaration.

The document contains 12 rules relating to various aspects of university functioning, teaching and research activities, internal organization and dialogue with stakeholders. Its aim is to build a broad social awareness of the role of universities in shaping the conditions for sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

The declaration emphasizes the role of universities as a place for creating and transferring knowledge, the need to cultivate academic values and shape the social and civic attitudes of future elites, as well as social sensitivity and work culture. The document also highlights the partnership between science and business, which is the basis for the development of innovation.

More: https://akademia.kalisz.pl/akademia-kaliska-podpisala-deklaracje-spolecznej-odpowiedzialnosci-uczelni/


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