Krakow University of Technology developing technology that can protect buildings during earthquakes

Sezgin Tolga/ NARphotos/ ABACAAbaca/ East News

Researchers at the Krakow University of Technology (PK) have developed a polymeric susceptible joint technology that can effectively protect buildings in the event of such violent seismic events.

“We have developed the technology of polymer susceptible joints. In seismic areas, we need systems that carry high loads and at the same time carry large deformations, that is, deformations, all kinds of horizontal displacements. If a structure is able to transmit horizontal displacements better, it disperses the energy which is supplied to the building, and thus the structure survives an earthquake more easily”, explained Prof. Arkadiusz Kwiecień, from the Department of Mechanics of Structures and Materials of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Researchers from PK, together with scientists from Turkey, Italy and Greece, are developing the technology of polymer susceptible joints precisely with a view to securing buildings in seismic areas.