Krakow University of Technology to provide access to the ‘Cracoviana’ collection


The “Cracoviana” collection from the collection of the Library of the Krakow University of Technology (PK), which contains valuable historical collections on the history of Krakow, the economic and social policies of the city and the daily life and customs of its inhabitants in the 19th and first half of the 20th century, will soon be made available to the public.

Work is in progress at the PK Library to provide information on the collections that make up the polytechnic collection. The university is also preparing to make digital copies of selected books from among the 1400 items belonging to the collection available. So far, they have been unavailable in the online information space.

“The “Cracoviana” collection is a very valuable collection in terms of history. The oldest document in the collection dates back to 1745, and the chronological range of the others is 1816-1945″, says Marek Górski, director of the Krakow University of Technology Library. The valuable collection can serve as a workshop for historical and literary research, and making information about it public, as well as digitising and making selected items available in the Repository of the Krakow University of Technology, will open unlimited access to it for recipients worldwide.