Kyiv Medical University to open two new branches in Chorzów and Katowice

Szpital Specjalistyczny w Zabrzu

Kyiv Medical University is opening two new branches in Chorzów and Katowice. These are further facilities of the Ukrainian university in Silesia – the branch in Bytom, opened after the Russian aggression, has several hundred students.

Kyiv Medical University is the largest private university operating in Ukraine. After the outbreak of war, a branch faculty was established in Bytom, where students from all over the world came to continue their education. 

The university provides training in three faculties: medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, but with the development of the facilities, in a year or so, also specialisations such as physiotherapy, nursing and clinical psychology (implemented as part of postgraduate studies) should be available.

Classes are taught in Ukrainian and English. According to the university’s authorities, there will be no problems with obtaining nostrification for Polish students who plan to practise medicine in their own country.

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