Laboratory of Behavioural Economics opens at the University of Szczecin

Uniwersytet Szczeciński

The Behavioural Economics Laboratory has opened at the Institute of Economics and Finance at the University of Szczecin. The unit is to be a centre for research into judgement processes, decision-making processes, and consumer behaviour.

The laboratory will be a centre for research into the nature of economic decision-making using tools and methods applied in behavioural economics. This will make it possible to test human behaviour and reactions to a variety of external stimuli/factors. Under controlled conditions, economic theories will be verified, and market behaviour will be studied.

The main areas of research conducted in the laboratory include: the preferences and behaviour of economic agents, the rationality of economic and financial decisions, the identification of cognitive distortions and heuristics affecting the rationality of economic decisions, the psychology of decision-making and the perception of risk and emotions by economic agents.

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