Laparoscopic surgery training centre to be established at Wrocław University of Life Sciences 

fot. Uniwersytet Przyrodnicy we Wrocławiu

Veterinary students and doctors from the Wrocław University of Life Sciences have gained apparatus to improve their skills in laparoscopic surgery. These are 11 posts purchased for the Department of Surgery from external funds. Ultimately, the clinic will become a European training centre – the second in France after Strasbourg and the third in the world after the American centre in California.

Ten more operating tables will be added to the existing training stations at the Wrocław academy, so that a European centre can be established for laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, arthroscopic and computer-assisted training for doctors in human and veterinary medicine.

Laparoscopic surgery, like diagnostics, is one of the standards in human medicine today. Minimally invasive, which affects the time and speed of the patient’s recovery, it has been entering veterinary medicine for several years.

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