Lazarski University to hold Scientific Conference “The rule of law – threats and prospects”


The Organizing Committee of Doctoral Students of Law of the Lazarski University in Warsaw is organizing in June 2021 the 2nd National Scientific Conference “The rule of law – threats and prospects”. The deadline for applying to participate in the Conference in the form of a one-page abstract is January 15, 2021.

The conference will provide an opportunity for exploring the state of the Polish rule of law, including constitutional, administrative, criminal, civil, economic, commercial, medical and labor laws.

The participants of the event will try to answer the following questions: how they see the rule of law today; whether the announced reform of the judiciary system is becoming a real reform or deformation of the law; what recommendations they would like to make regarding the shape of the rule of law in Poland.

Papers accepted for the Conference will be published in the form of a monograph in the Publishing House of the Lazarski University.

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