Maritime University of Gdynia created a Technology Transfer Centre

Uniwersytet Morski w Gdyni

The UMG Technology Transfer Centre has been established at the Maritime University in Gdynia. Its establishment was one of the milestones in the Innovation 4.0 Incubator project, which the Maritime University of Gdynia is implementing in consortium with the Silesian University of Technology. 

The unit was set up to support the University’s activities in terms of better use of its intellectual and technical potential, cooperation with the economy, development of academic skills and entrepreneurship, management of intellectual property and use of innovative solutions for direct commercialisation of scientific results and their transfer to the economy.

The Centre’s mission is to create business relations, strengthen academic inventiveness and knowledge and technology transfer oriented towards innovation and current socio-economic challenges. The Centre will make every effort to provide researchers with the most favourable space for the development of university innovation.

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