Scientists from the Lublin University of Technology become co-authors of the report “More RES on the grid”

Wojciech Strozyk/REPORTER

The Polish Wind Energy Association and scientists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Lublin University of Technology, led by Professor Piotr Kacejko, have prepared a comprehensive report on current challenges in the renewable energy sources (RES) industry.

The comprehensive study, which was lacking in the energy market, analyses the industry’s current challenges, ways to use existing grid infrastructure, as well as methods to increase connectivity. The report contains 12 recommendations for increasing the capacity of Polish grids and connecting new wind and solar sources.

The experts highlight the need to update strategic government documents that outline the pace and scale of the energy transition, including the National Energy Policy 2040. The publication also points to the need to standardise information systems and methodologies for determining connectivity in generally accepted practices.

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