Medical database on histopathology created

Fot. Karol Makurat/REPORTER

Researchers from the Technical University of Lodz, in collaboration with the Polish Mother’s Memorial Health Centre, have created a publicly accessible digital database of unique medical data on histopathology.

More than one million pieces of medical data have been made available for the MDB – MEDICAL DATA BANK project. 

The data collected as part of the project is the result of the analysis of urine and blood samples submitted for joint research by research units in the country. They were posted on a specially created web platform.

The project has made it possible to make the data available for biometric analyses, as well as for didactic work, self-education of doctors and the creation of statistics. In addition, the database provides a unique source of popular scientific information for the public. The prepared solution will serve the development of oncological diagnostics, through further research into disease entities. 

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