National Centre of Science published the fifth ranking list of the MINIATURA 6 competition


The National Centre of Science (NCN) has published the fifth ranking list of the MINIATURA 6 competition. NCN experts have selected 115 applications for financing with a total amount of over PLN 4.7 million. 

Researchers will carry out preliminary and pilot studies, queries, scientific internships, research or consultancy trips as part of the awarded funds.

The researches selected for funding include humanities, social sciences and the arts, which deal with medical topics from a literary and cultural perspective. 

Dr Jacek Burski from the University of Wrocław will conduct preliminary and pilot research as part of a proposal titled Residents in Crises. The biographical dimension of becoming a doctor in the Polish health care system. 

In the area of life sciences, the winners include activities that focus on saving health and human life. Dr Karolina Osowiecka from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn will address the non-medical needs of cancer patients in Poland. 

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