National Science Center PLN to allocate 740 million for scientists to implement projects in basic research


The National Science Center has announced the results of the OPUS 22 and SONATA 17 competitions. Their winners and laureates will receive almost PLN 740 million for the implementation of projects in basic research in Polish scientific and research institutions.

In the competitions, a total of 3005 applications were submitted; their value amounted to almost PLN 3.3 billion. Ultimately, 589 projects were qualified for financing.

OPUS is a competition aimed at a wide audience. There is no limit to the advancement of the research career of the project manager, the academic degree or experience in conducting research.

The SONATA competition is aimed at researchers with a doctoral degree obtained from 2 to 7 years before the year of submitting the application, and its aim is to support people starting their research careers in conducting innovative research.

The greatest number of projects will be implemented by representatives of exact and technical sciences (243) with a value of over PLN 294.3 million. Funding was also given to 196 projects in life sciences, worth almost PLN 345 million, and 150 projects in humanities, social sciences and art, for the amount of over PLN 100.2 million.

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