Polish-German research grant implemented at the University of Economics in Poznań

Arkadiusz Ziolek/ East News

Researchers at the Poznań University of Economics (UEP) will implement the project “Social media and their role in local politics in a Polish-German project team. Comparative study of Poland and Germany “.

Dr Małgorzata M. Hybka, Dr Monika Banaszewska and Dr Aneta Chodakowska have obtained funding from the Polish-German Foundation for Science. Their project will be carried out in cooperation with the University of Kassel and the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów.

The project aims to help find an answer to the question of what social media are – a bridge between citizens and the state, a platform for information exchange, an instrument of polarization of views, or a source of social consensus.

A team of scientists will also check the role of social media in increasing the participation of society in public life and what experiences in the field of their use have local government authorities.

More: https://ue.poznan.pl/pl/aktualnosci,c16/aktualnosci,c15/polsko-niemiecki-grant-badawod-realizacji-przez-katedre,a106105.html