Professor Mateusz Hołda awarded by the Employers of the Republic of Poland

Piotr Molecki/East News

Professor Mateusz Hołda from the Department of Anatomy at the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum in Kraków has been awarded Vector 2022. The distinction of the Employers of the Republic of Poland was awarded to him for above-average achievements in science and for setting his own path of development, as well as for being the youngest scientist in the history of Poland with the title of professor.

The Vectors have been awarded since 2002 by the Employers of the Republic of Poland – an organisation of employers in Poland established in 1989, active in areas related to the development of entrepreneurship, the economic growth of the country and in social issues, including social insurance, the market and labour law. 

The statuettes are awarded to representatives of business, politics, culture and the media, who in a special way influence the development of the Polish economy, point to innovative solutions and contribute to social and cultural development in Poland.

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