Professor Udalski is the winner of the European Astronomical Society prize


Professor Andrzej Udalski from the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw has been awarded with the European Society of Astronomical Society (EAS) – Tycho Brahe Prize 2018.

Professor Udalski received the award in recognition of his main role in the OGLE (Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment) project – one of the most successful and longest-running photometric sky variability surveys. The results of the OGLE project have had a significant impact on the development of modern astrophysics – says the press release of the European Astronomical Society.

The Tycho Brahe prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in the construction and operation of European astronomy instruments, as well as significant discoveries made using such instruments.

Professor Andrzej Udalski is a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Polish Academy of Learning, the National Academy of Sciences of the USA and the International Astronomical Union. In the years 2008-2016 he was the director of the UW Astronomical Observatory.


EAS press release:

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