Report on Polish-British scientific cooperation


The Polonium Foundation has published a report on Polish-British scientific cooperation ‘PUSH – Polish-UK Science Horizons’.

The report aims to assess the state of past, present and future research and innovation relations between Poland and the UK. Statistical data, their analysis and summaries of institutional opinions were obtained through desk research, participation in surveys and interviews with key Polish and UK stakeholders.

The Foundation’s research showed that researchers from both countries are very cooperative. Almost all British respondents indicated that they see Poland as an attractive country for research and innovation. 

In terms of funding, for both the UK and Poland, the main source of funding for bilateral cooperation was EU research and innovation programmes. 

For Polish respondents, the key factor was access to high quality infrastructure, while for UK respondents it was access to funding. 

Lack of awareness of available funding, lack of established contacts and lack of knowledge on how to find a partner were cited as the main obstacles to collaboration.

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