Researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences analysed the addictions of Poles

Karol Porwich/East News

Researchers from the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) conducted the Nationwide Survey of Addictions, which showed that we struggle with a number of addictions. 

The Nationwide Survey of Addictions is a project initiated and carried out by two researchers from the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Dr Mateusz Gola and Maciej Skorko.

As many as 20 826 people downloaded the free application Nałogometr between June and September 2022, through which the researchers were able to meet the objectives set out in the study in a very short time. 

According to the results presented, 15,477 people met all the conditions needed to join the study. As many as 49.3% of them declared that they were struggling with alcohol addiction. This addiction prevailed in almost every study group. 

Nicotine addiction was indicated by 36.5% of respondents. This was followed by overeating (30.3%) and pornography. Among the 23% of people struggling with this addiction, the problem was common especially among men, who made up 90% of this group.

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