Researchers from the University of Rzeszów to determine health and physical parameters of Polish Army soldiers

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A team of employees from the Institute of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Physical Culture Sciences at the University of Rzeszów, led by Dr Rafał Podgórski, will receive funding of PLN 1,158,578 from the Minister of Science and Higher Education as part of the ‘Science for Society II’ programme for the project ‘Identification and monitoring of health and physical parameters of soldiers of the Polish Army’.

The participants of the project will be a group of approximately 200 people, divided into 4 equal subgroups (soldiers of the Special Forces, regular soldiers of the Land Forces, representatives of the Territorial Defence Forces and a control group).

The aim of the project is: detailed identification and measurement of indicators allowing assessment of the psychomotor and physical state of the organism and prognosis of negative health consequences in project participants; creation, based on machine learning models, of an optimal profile of a candidate for particular types of armed forces; creation, based on machine learning models, of a predictive test for the occurrence of health disorders based on parameters measured in the project – a screening test providing the possibility of early diagnosis of occupation-related diseases.

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