Researchers of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials patented a new method of wastewater treatment

Jakub Kaminski/East News

The invention “Method of industrial wastewater treatment” of researchers of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials has been granted patent protection. Its authors are Dr Eng. Katarzyna Stec, director of the Department of Refractory Materials in Gliwice and Dr Cecilia Dziubal.

The production of ceramic pigments is based on a high-temperature reaction between solid reactants with the participation of a liquid and / or gas phase. There are several steps involved in an industrial manufacturing process. During the preparation of the raw material and grinding the sinter, technological sewage is generated in the form of sludge or solution. Purification of some of them requires the introduction of certain amounts of toxic substances in order to intensify the process. However, this increases costs and the resulting product is more difficult to be disposed.

The invention will allow to eliminate harmful substances in the wastewater treatment process by using microwave energy, which precipitates harmful compounds in the form of a sludge.