Rzeszów students take third place in the international University BOSS competition

WSIiZ Rzeszów

Students from the Financial FLOW Scientific Club of the University of Information Technology and Management (UITM) in Rzeszów: Anna Gacek, Marlena Szczur and Jakub Boratyn took third place in the University BOSS competition.

This is an international business competition organised by REVAS Business Simulation Games aimed at university students from Europe and India. The competition used business simulations that allowed participants to test their strengths in running their own business.

Participants ran virtual travel agencies that competed against each other for customer interest and top market positions.

The competition was an opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge of business management in practice, while making decisions in a simulation game. Students had the opportunity to see how the market works, gained skills in accurately assessing the laws of the market, and were able to understand what can affect customer demand and satisfaction.