Bialystok hosts the VIII Scientific Conference “Tourism in naturally valuable areas”


The 8th Scientific Conference “Tourism in naturally valuable areas” was held at the Bialystok University of Technology from 28-30 November 2022. This year, the event was accompanied by the slogan “Natural environment and cultural heritage as an area of decisions and actions”.

“We created this conference in order to look for a way to communicate between different interests. The subject matter itself is very capacious, we say ‘tourism’ and we think ‘tourist, resident, ecology, economy, environment’. In this context, the value of this conference is, above all, to bring together the different worlds – planning, nature conservation and people”, stressed Adam Walicki, President of the Kronenberg Institute, co-organiser of the conference.

The speakers of the three days of meetings, nine sessions and six series of meet-ups included: Prof. Wanda Olech-Piasecka, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, President of the State Council for Nature Conservation, Dr Dominik Borek, Director of the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Sport and Tourism and Jan Tabor, Acting Deputy Director General of the State Forests.