Rzeszów University of Technology and the Academy of Military Art establish cooperation

Akademia Sztuki Wojennej

Rzeszów University of Technology (PRz) has signed an agreement on educational, cultural and environmental cooperation with the Academy of Military Art in Warsaw. The signatories were, on the authority of the PRz Rector, Prof. Piotr Koszelnik, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Dr Beata Zatwarnicka-Madura, Prof. PRz, and, on the authority of the Rector, Commander of the Academy of Military Art, Brigadier General Robert Kosowski, Col. Prof. Tomasz Jałowiec.

The agreement provides for cooperation between the two academies in organising and conducting teaching and research activities in the humanities and social sciences. 

In terms of teaching and educational activities, the cooperation will include an exchange of experience in the development and revision of selected curricula, especially with regard to new majors at both institutions, and an exchange of experience among academic staff. 

In the case of scientific and research activities, it is envisaged that joint research projects will be carried out and conferences and seminars will be organised in the humanities and social sciences. The agreement also provides for the exchange of students.

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