Rzeszów University of Technology launches a station for the Internet of All Things

D. Gębarowski PR

An All-Things Internet workstation has been created at the Complex Systems Department of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Rzeszów University of Technology (PR). Made up of components, it forms a unique system for conducting basic research (theoretical and simulation), experimental development work and providing commercial services.

The specialised workstation can be used to study phenomena and interactions accompanying the convergence and emergence of complex processes, hardware and application resources and people in contemporary and future ICT systems forming the Internet of All Things.

The university emphasises in the announcement that the Internet of All Things stand provides PR with the appropriate technical and organisational potential to carry out research and development work through access to unique, high-performance apparatus, software and databases, adequate computing power and know-how in collecting and processing data and processes on the Internet.

Technical sciences