Scientist from the University of Gdańsk receives the Stolem Medal, an award known as the Kashubian Nobel Prize

Karol Makurat/REPORTER

Prof. Marek Cybulski from the philology department of the University of Gdańsk received the Stolem Medal, an award called the Kashubian Nobel. The distinction is awarded to institutions, people and groups that have had a unique impact on shaping, multiplying and popularizing the culture of Kashubia and Pomerania.

Prof. Cybulski was appreciated for his involvement in Kashubian issues, activity in the Kashubian Language Council and teaching activities at the University of Gdańsk. Medals have been awarded since 1967 by the Pomerania Student Club. Candidates for the award can be nominated by anyone, while the winners are selected by the Stolem Medal Chapter. Previous laureates were Günter Grass, Donald Tusk and Franciszek Treder.

Stolem medals are awarded by students, therefore, apart from the work to form the Kashubian language, the award can also be considered as a distinction for didactic work. Prof. Cybulski has been working as an academic teacher at the University of Gdańsk for 40 years.