Scientists from the Poznań University of Technology to create a Space Robot Testing Center


Scientists from the Poznań University of Technology want to create a Space Robot Testing Center. This is the next step in the production of Polish robots ready for flights to the Moon or Mars. There are already projects and plans, only the investors are missing.

Similar centers to the one planned in Poznań are test centers in Germany, France and Italy, and they are also needed in Central Europe. Today, Polish space technology is at the level of adding its components to foreign robots or rovers. There is no company that produces complete rovers ready for flight. It is possible that the planned center will help to change this.

The elements of the Center include an experimental ground, planned for 700 square meters, and a mission control center, in which the conditions related to communication difficulties will be recreated: a transmission delay system and its closing due to the lack of a signal. The center is also to be equipped with systems to weaken Earth’s attraction and reduce friction.


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