The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University acquired a unique metal 3D printer


The Center for Digital Science and Technology of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (UKSW) in Warsaw has acquired a modern Aconity MINI device for additive manufacturing in the technology of laser melting in a powder bed – commonly known as a metal 3D printer.

The printer will be used to implement projects at the UKSW Multidisciplinary Research Center and is the first such installation in our part of Europe.

“The Aconity MINI, a metal 3D printer, is used to develop the parameters of the laser melting process in a powder bed. It can produce metallic objects from titanium, aluminum or steel alloys commonly used in the industry, but its greatest advantage is the full openness that enables the control of any parameter and the ability to adjust many parameters unavailable in other production devices”, explains Dr Bartłomiej Wysocki from the Center for Digital Science and Technology UKSW.

Technical sciences