Silesian patent allowing to breathe cleaner air


Chemists of the University of Silesia in Katowice conducted research, thanks to which one of the secondary methods of decomposition of nitrogen oxides (NOx) used in industrial plants and power plants was improved. This selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is one of the best-known methods of NOx decomposition.

Special SCR nodes will be installed in industrial plants and power plants. Unfortunately, the costs of the catalysts are a big challenge. Scientists of the University of Silesia, in cooperation with the owner of AD MOTO, have developed a new, more effective and ecological method of regenerating DeNOx catalysts.

Chemists designed a solution with a specific chemical composition to immerse the catalyst subjected to the regeneration process. They managed to lower the concentration of the acids used in the solution, thereby minimizing the risk of corrosion of the steel catalyst components. The invention has been already patented.