Silesian scientists receive a patent for their invention

fot. Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny

A reservoir for the culture and surface multiplication of human autologous fibroblasts on a collagen membrane carrier by scientists from the Medical University of Silesia, the University of Silesia and the Silesian University of Technology has been granted a Polish and international patent registered with the European Patent Office. 

The reservoir contains a liquid medium with the patient’s cells to stimulate fibroblast proliferation on the membrane carrier. The system as a whole is protected by a microbiological filter to prevent contamination. The modular design makes it easy to modify or control the culture process, and the simplified design allows the tray to be used in treatment rooms – in collaboration with a specialised laboratory. 

The invention can be used for treatments requiring tissue reconstruction using cells taken from the patient, with the possibility of using this technique in interventional dentistry, dental surgery and periodontics. 

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