Solar-powered lockers launched at the University of Gdansk

Uniwersytet Gdański

Hibox solar-powered lockers will appear at the University of Gdansk in January. This innovative solution will not be found on any other Polish or European campus. 

“Anyone can use the Hibox. A lecturer can leave documents for a student, a student can order groceries or a parcel to be collected. It is the only system in the world to unify courier deliveries”, says Hibox Development Director Bartłomiej Jabłoński.

The University of Gdansk and the Hibox company are planning to continue their cooperation and implement further projects that are related to achieving sustainable development goals.

“Hibox offers cooperation in other areas and we are planning to sign an agreement in this area soon. We are planning to facilitate internal communication for the most important members of our community, i.e. students, by introducing electric scooters”, says the university’s innovation officer, Dr Mirosław Czapiewski.

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