Students from the Warsaw University of Technology win the paper bridge building competition

22.05.2023 mostowcy

Teams of students from the Scientific Club of Bridge Builders at the Warsaw University of Technology (‘PW’) took the first two places in the nationwide competition wyKOMBinuj mOst.

Each of the more than 30 teams participating in the competition was able to use nine sheets of paper, glue, as well as scissors, rulers, something to write with and weights. Participants were tasked with making the most durable bridge structure possible, with the most favourable strength-to-weight ratio. 

Teams from the Scientific Club of Bridge Builders, operating at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology, took two places on the podium. The best in the competition was the ‘PWniaczki’ team composed of: Jakub Końka, Łukasz Kruk, Daniel Stefanowicz. Their 1,309 kg bridge withstood a load of 3036, 6 N, or approximately 310 kg.

Second place was taken by the ‘Wildcats from the University of Technology’: Kamila Dziubak, Łukasz Porzyc, Przemysław Kruczkowski with a structure weighing 1,129 kg, which lifted approximately 230 kg.

Technical sciences