Szczecin Maritime University of Technology launches scholarships and internships for students within the 4th Mentorship Programme

fot. Politechnika Morska w Szczecinie

Until 31 January, the Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin is accepting applications for the Mentorship Programme aimed at students of the university’s sailing courses. Attractive internships and apprenticeships at Unibaltic have been prepared for the participants.

The organisers of the Programme are the Maritime University of Technology in Szczecin; the Founder/Armator Unibaltic Shipping Limited based in Limassol, Cyprus and the employment agency Unibaltic Crewing sp. z o. o. based in Szczecin. The programme aims to motivate maritime students to further their development and work. The foundation of the programme is the dedication of mentors to individual students. 

Mentors will impart substantive knowledge and practical skills over the course of the programme to ultimately enable students to progress efficiently and effectively. As part of the programme, the scholarship recipient will receive a stipend during the period of study and guaranteed employment on Unibaltic Shipping’s vessels after graduation.

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