Ukrainian scholar joins the Council of the Perspectives Educational Foundation


Prof. Mikhailo Zgurovsky, a Ukrainian scholar specialising in systems research, rector of Kyiv Polytechnic University and former Minister of Education of Ukraine, has been appointed to the Council of the Perspectives Educational Foundation.

This internationalisation of the Council reflects the consistent expansion of ‘Perspectives’ programme and activities on a European and global scale, while also facilitating new projects undertaken in the context of the war in Ukraine.

The Perspektywy Educational Foundation, established in 1989, is an independent non-profit organisation supporting education and promoting Polish universities abroad. The Foundation’s Council includes current and former rectors of Polish higher education institutions and public figures involved in the development of higher education in Poland. The Foundation has a significant role in promoting STEM and IT education among girls and women.

The work of the Foundation’s Council is led by Professor Bogusław Smólski, former rector-commander of the Military University of Technology.