Union of Lublin Universities present new initiatives


The Lublin Universities Union, which includes: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin University of Technology, Medical University and University of Life Sciences has presented four new initiatives the Academic Participation Budget, Interprojekt, Virtual Library Card and Internship Beyond Border

The Academic Participation Budget offers 100,000 PLN. Students and university employees will be able to submit their ideas and projects. After analyzing them and then voting at each university, selected projects will be implemented in 2023.

The Virtual Library Card enables free use of the resources of the main libraries of the four universities in Lublin.

Interprojekt involves building interdisciplinary research teams that conduct laboratory work together. The “Internship Beyond Border” competition is intended for scientists who are planning to complete an internship at one of the universities belonging to the Union in order to start or continue scientific research or research and development work.

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