University Clinical Hospital of the University of Opole opens Scientific and Research Centre

Uniwersytet Opolski

A Science and Research Centre was officially opened at the University Clinical Hospital (USK) of the University of Opole. The unit is dedicated to supporting scientific staff in conducting medical research and transferring its results to the economy. It is also a training centre for students and a place where patients from the Opole Province benefit from clinical research.

“We have set up a Science and Research Centre at USK, which includes the University Clinical Research Support Centre and the Centre for Research and Innovation in Civilisation Diseases: cardiovascular and spinal diseases,” says Dariusz Madera, Director General of USK in Opole.

The unit is equipped with top-class medical apparatus. These include a triple MRI scanner, a transcutaneous oxygen velocity device for vascular surgery examinations, a premium device for cardiac ultrasound examinations and a holographic system for imaging during procedures such as cardiology or surgery.

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