University of Gdansk and Polish Offshore Wind-Co signed letter of intent on cooperation

Alan Stocki Uniwersytet Gdański

The University of Gdansk and Polish Offshore Wind-Co (POW) have signed a letter of intent for cooperation. This is another contribution to building sustainable development among the University of Gdansk’s academic community, but also a way out towards the needs of new sectors of the economy, such as offshore wind energy, reports the university.

The cooperation includes the preparation of analyses, expert opinions and assessments for the POW. It will make it possible not only to train staff, but also to provide mutual assistance in the organisation of scientific conferences, technology transfer and the conduct and commercialisation of the result of scientific research. The agreement with the POW is also an opportunity for the university to cooperate in the long term on large offshore wind energy projects.

The letter of intent on cooperation was signed by the rector of the University of Gdansk, Professor Piotr Stepnowski, and Borys Korejtko and Mariangiola Mollicone, members of the management board of Polish Offshore Wind-Co.

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